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Fujian Qianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on February 19, 2019, with independent legal personality. The address is located in the second phase of Tieling Industrial Concentration Zone, Minhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuzhou City. It is 70KM away from Fuzhou International Airport, 45KM from Fuzhou International Port, and 20KM from High-speed Railway Station. Water, land and air transportation are extremely convenient. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it has carried out resource integration and in-depth strategic cooperation with Fujian Ganda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Fujian Qianda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., based on its profound technical accumulation and production management experience in its nearly 30 years of production and operation, its own large-scale industrial plant and various large, refined and rare mechanical processing equipment, and rich experience The quality resources such as the technical team and the broad customer groups all over the world, and the quality production, operation and management and technical team of Fujian Qianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and the newly injected capital are used to optimize and integrate strategic resources. Fujian Qianda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. agrees and authorizes Fujian Qianfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. to use its own "Quality Management System Certification", "Environmental Management System Certification", "Occupational Health System Certification" and other qualification documents. Provide various services including R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning of various metallurgical complete rolling equipment, steelmaking equipment, mining machinery and other heavy machinery equipment and other special machinery equipment. The company's business tenet is quality-oriented and customer first! We sincerely welcome all new customers to visit our company and negotiate cooperation!


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Phone:13788885812(Mr Chen)

Email:cmf350182@163.comAddress:No.8, Changlong West Road, Tieling industrial concentration zone (phase II), Minhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuzhou

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